My 2020 Vision for Portland

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The current crisis presents an opportunity to do a reset as a society.

When the world feels crazy, our city should feel like home.

We're running up against the limits of a finite planet. While different parts of the world are burning, arctic ice is melting and storms grow worse. A lot of people are struggling. Everything is getting more expensive. Housing is increasingly unaffordable. More and more people are living on our streets. 


These are difficult times, and there are more hard times ahead. We must prepare for what's coming and focus on taking care of everyday Portlanders and our small businesses, and we must safeguard our democracy and care for our planet while doing that. The current health crisis is already precipitating a potentially more dangerous economic crisis. We must move quickly to restore and strengthen our economy for all Portlanders. And then we must go further to follow the steps I outlined before this crisis began to create a more resilient city that can weather the challenges to come.


Better Government through Council and Voting Reform

We must work together to strengthen our democracy by expanding our city council and electing members by districts to be more inclusive and representative of all Portlanders.

BOLD Climate Action and Food Resilience

We need to take bold climate action now, move toward carbon-neutral urban design and transportation systems, and focus on local food systems and food resilience.


Innovative Housing Solutions & Community-Benefit Financing

We must implement innovative housing solutions to make housing more affordable and available for all Portlanders. Part of getting innovative also means chartering a public bank to provide financing where for-profit banks fail us, not only for homeowners but also for our small businesses and co-ops. This community-benefit financing would keep millions of dollars in our community to support housing affordability programs.


A Public Bank to prioritize small businesses, co-ops, & homebuyers

As a small business owner for over twenty years, I know the challenges of building a business and keeping it going year after year.  I know the work involved in managing people, building a brand, marketing, and sweeping the entranceway before customers arrive. 


Public Well-being Approaches to Addressing Social Issues

We should take a public health approach to issues like drug addiction and houselessness so we stop throwing money away and begin to actually solve those problems.


Parks, Public Broadband, Equity & Putting People First

Let's fully fund parks and community centers, establish municipal broadband, create greater equity across our city, celebrate the diversity of our communities, RESIST authoritarian agendas, and ensure all Portlanders thrive regardless of our differences.

Dismantle White Supremacy

Portland has a history of racism and racist policies. We owe it to ourselves and our children to do what we can to dismantle the architecture of white supremacy, both institutionally and within ourselves.


Putting People First

The past three years have seen a heightened attack on the foundations of our democracy: a free press, separation of powers, congressional oversite, and a dishonest president who puts his own interests, and the interests of corporations and the rich, above those of everyday people.  Let's focus on what is healthy for our community and our planet. It is on us to create the world we want at every level of government.


I'm committed to listening and engaging all our ideas in creating a better, more resilient Portland that works for ALL of us. If you want to see these topics discussed in our current city elections, please make a donation today.


Let's create the kind of world we want to live in... starting with the city we call home.


Stay healthy and vital in these trying times!

Real solutions for today's challenges

  I believe in what Portland can be.