Equity and Rights


Resistance can be a joyful expression when we come together and stand strong in our power, hold firm to what is right and reject what isn't healthy for our community and democracy. Let's champion a vision of creating something better. 


  • RESIST Racist and xenophobic policies

  • RESIST expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure

  • RESIST cancer capitalism that pursues growth for its own sake

  • RESIST surveillance capitalism and state surveillance

  • RESIST politics dominated by big money

  • RESIST undemocratic agendas by strengthening our democracy

  • Put the needs of people and planet before corporate profits

Putting People First

The past three years have seen a heightened attack on the foundations of our democracy: a free press, separation of powers, congressional oversite, and a dishonest president who puts his own interests, and the interests of corporations and the rich, above those of everyday people. Worn down, many of us living on the edge and now in crisis, it would be easy to shrug and accept this as the "new normal."  Stay awake and vigilant, and hold onto a vision of a world that is better than that. 

Let's focus on what is healthy for our community and our planet. It is on us to create the world we want at every level of government.  Our cities led the charge for Sanctuary status, stood up to intimidation, and pushed back on weakened and unenforced regulations. And cities must keep leading to create a society that puts the needs of people and planet first. 


STAND UP for creating a more welcoming and hospitable city for immigrants, people of color, and our houseless neighbors. NO cooperation with ICE or JTTF, NO sweeps or Broken Windows policing, NO profiling.


STAND UP for policies that take care of people first. No more "disaster capitalism" strategies that mostly benefit the wealthy, like bailing out banks just to have them turn around a foreclose on our homes. Let's bail out renters and mortgagees so they can afford to pay their obligations and stay in their homes. 


STAND UP for the expansion of fossil fuel alternatives, and reducing our need for cars.  NO fracked gas, NO tar sands, NO oil trains, NO LNG pipeline. Instead, move to 100% renewable energy by 2030!


STAND UP for medicare for all. I've supported universal health care of over 30 years, and this pandemic shows how vital it is that our health care systems cover everyone.


STAND UP for a balanced capitalism that includes all stakeholders at the table, stronger unions, and worker seats on corporate boards. Corporations are created by the state with purposes approved by the state. We can strengthen those expectations.  


STAND UP to surveillance capitalism and the surveillance state. NO use of facial recognition technology for government enforcement or corporate manipulation in the city of Portland.


STAND UP for a politics that reduces the impact of money in elections and brings all voices to the table. Expand the city council, elect counselors by district and use a preference voting system like STAR Voting to make sure our representatives are elected by the majority.


STAND UP for greater involvement by all stakeholders in our policy processes, including neighborhood associations and truly independent community involvement and advisory committees.

Real solutions for today's challenges

  I believe in what Portland can be.